New Rural Construction Contributes To the Mining Industry

China is developing with its enthusiastic energy devoted to the rural area. Rural district is a big boost to the rapid developing economy. The mobile crusher machine plays an important role in the construction of countryside road. New type of foam concrete in particular emerging as a building material, which regards as the raw material to the road base. Hongxing grasps this chance to improve its new type mobile crushing station.

With the features of uint integration, nice maneuver performance, diversified configuration and additive generator uint, the mobile crushing and screening plant plays an irreplaceable role in rural construction. At present, the global economy in a low period, all countries would like to save the economy through various means, we are investing heavily in infrastructure through the construction of stimulating domestic demand, stimulate the economy, the practice of domain include high-speed railway and the construction of new countryside construction. Construction of high-speed railway and the new rural development with the most concrete. Of construction waste, broken concrete production can be processed.

Foam concrete with light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, seismic and non-flammable properties, the use of foam concrete as a wall, to a significant reduction in thermal conductivity with good thermal insulation effect. In buildings to replace the use of foam concrete clay. It not only can reduce the number of the protection of arable land use, but also enhance the effect of wall insulation. Using foam concrete fly ash and slag helps the consumption of solid waste object and reduces production costs. The mobile crushing station can do crush the materials and make even product. Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. devoted herself into the advanced and helpful equipments, which meets the requirments of clients.

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