I have a bonbon for you guys!

Hey all there!

Actually I CAN speak Hungarian but I feel essential to describe this role in English. Ke’rlek, ne ko:vezzetek meg eze’rt! Kell, hogy e’rtse angolul a szo’t az, aki velem tart ebben a buliban.

Well, let me introduce myself: I am the guy, who needs an expert WP guru in one or maximum two months. My name is Aaron Kato, I’m a professional web designer and site builder, living and working in London, and I have an idea.

I’m playing around with the logo now, so it’s a really young project but when I will finish the design I’ll NEED SOMEONE, who CAN vivify my website and give it a brand new super-duper WP heart.

I need a PROFESSIONAL guy (or even a girl) and not a beginner!

I need someone, who has international references and new ideas, who definitely knows how to make a website comfortable, astonishing, modern, innovative, obvious and enjoyable. I’ll have a totally unique design with awesome features and handsome appearance and I want someone, who can build it, perfectly php it, and give it some jQuery wings. I’m waiting for someone, who has no limits, who knows that impossible is nothing.

I don’t want to say a word about the project now, because it’s my valued secret but I will share my ideas with you, if I can accept your self-recommendation.

What I’m expecting for * :

    [*]Maximum 5... sort of... WHOOAH! references

    [*]A few words about you and your attitude

    [*]...and it has to land in my mailbox at aaron@aaronkato.co.uk in maximum one month


    <span style="font-size:"1"]*I can't accept any application by a Word document. To be honest, I hate Word documents and I think that those engineers who use Microsoft Word can forget about the whole engineering shit. I also can't accept any application without minimum 3 astonishing references and I can't reply to those who are not acceptable for this project. I will KNOW if you are a pro or not because I know this and that about this web 2.0 stuff so please don't send me any kind of self-advertising shit, I will delete that immediately. And yes! - in fact, I have money %;">

    I'm looking forward for your mail (which is obviously written in English) and one more thing: only and compulsory native Hungarian applicants please! I don't want to spend my money anywhere else because I am the good guy and I want to invest in my homes! Thank you!

    I'm so excited!

Ugy tudom, ez itt a legnagyobb magyar WP forum, de a munkaajanlatomra sajnos nem erkezett me’g valasz. Kerlek titeket, ha tudtok segiteni abban, hogy hol talalhatok me’g profi magyar WP programozokat, akik tudnak angolul es kedvelik a kihivasokat, irjatok le nekem!

Amihez erteni kell:

WP smile.gif






…de ezekhez nagyon!

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Elore is koszonok minden segitseget! Ha nem jut elore a project, akkor viszont sajnos nemzetkozileg hirdetem meg a dolgot elance, vagy barmi hasonlo segitsegevel, es nem tudok veletek dolgozni.

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